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Homemade Bubble tea


Honeydew Bubble Tea

* Fruity boba,  * Refreshing Iced tea,  * Flavored with fresh   honeydew melon, * Served with chewy   black boba pearls.

Unique variation of fruit-based bubble tea.

Prep Time: 3 Min

Cook Time : 17 MIN


– 1/3 cup Black Tapioca pearls – 2 cups Honeydew melon (cubed) – ½ cup Soy milk – ¼ cup Brown sugar syrup

Full recipe

You will need

Cook Boba

Step 1

Add boba in brown sugar syrup

Find the brown sugar syrup recipe here.

Step 2


Blend honeydew melon cubes, milk, and 7-8 ice cubes.


Step 3

Make honeydew melon slush with milk

Brown sugar syrup+ boba Ice cubes Honeydew melon slushie Boba straw


Step 4

Assemble Honeydew milk tea


Stir with the straw and  Enjoy!